Father & Son Duo Start Help-U-Sell® Realty Breakout in Chicago
Publish Date: 8/23/2017

Bloomington, IL (August 23, 2017) –Richard Kuhn has recently rejoined the Help-U-Sell franchise family, and decided to include his own family in the venture by setting up shop in the ever busy region of Chicago with his 23 year old son, Tyler Kuhn.

Richard plans on covering the area known as “Chicagoland Metro”, which consists of six counties: DuPage, Lake, Kane, Cook, Will, and McHenry. He has gotten to know this area and the residents quite well, both from running his business there and also from coaching baseball and hockey teams that his three children have participated in over the years.

“I love the concept of the Help-U-Sell model and I’m very excited to be the first to open in Chicago. My goal is to be the fastest growing office in our market,” added Mr. Kuhn. “Me and my son, Tyler, who just got his Broker’s license this year, have been working steadily together to make our goal a reality. It’s exciting to build something up and pass it on to the next generation.”

Robert Stevens, Chief Operating Officer at Help-U-Sell headquarters in Sarasota, FL, offered: “The Help-U-Sell brand helps home sellers enjoy service and significant savings with the flat fee structure. Richard Kuhn’s returning to the Help-U-Sell family is as powerful of a testimonial to our business model as we could ask for. He understands the value and conveys that easily to home sellers, which will play a huge part in his success. We are happy to welcome him back.”

Instead of the traditional percentage-based commission, Help-U-Sell Real Estate charges its sellers a set fee and a menu of services, allowing clients to participate in the selling process to save as much money as they would like. Help-U-Sell brokers are fully licensed members of the National Association of REALTORS and can offer sellers and buyers a full-service experience.

Contact Richard Kuhn at 630.980.0777 or richardkuhn@helpusell.com for more information.

About Help-U-Sell Real Estate

Created 41 years ago, the Help-U-Sell Real Estate model was the pioneer for providing an alternative to the dated commission structure, something that had gone uncontested for years in a market overrun by a monopoly of traditional brokerage firms. Help-U-Sell Real Estate forged a revolution in the real estate industry by proactively challenging the commission structure, and has continued to perfect its full-service, set-fee model today.

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