Sold in 3 days! Saved $19,250!

“First, we were a little apprehensive at the thought of not using a traditional real estate broker, but we decided to give Help-U-Sell a try because of the large potential savings. The results exceeded our expectations. Basically the tasks that we had to do were advertising our house and showing it to prospective buyers. We felt that we could show it better than real estate agents, and we received some feedback from buyers to that effect. Our home sold only after three days of open houses and we saved over $19,000.” — Dick and Linda Bratkovich  
  We are very satisified customers! Saved $5,387!

“We had heard of Help-U-Sell, but weren’t sure of how the process worked.  We talked to several real estate agents; however, paying them the going commission rate would just cut too far into the profit we needed to complete our out-of-state move. We found a local Help-U-Sell office very close to our neighborhood. We felt comfortable with our broker fom the start. He was knowledgeable, had tons of experience, and his staff was always courteous, helpful and available. We were a little intimidated at first when we’d show our home, but soon got the hang of it and received unprecedented encouragement and assistance from Mike and his staff. Within weeks, we sold our property for more than our original listing price. All in all, our experience with Help-U-Sell was fantastic. We were able to save on real estate commissions, which allowed us to complete our move with much needed cash in hand. Many thanks to our broker and his staff! We are very satisfied customers!” — Steve and Kathy Robison