Common Questions to
Expect from Buyers

Whether you’re fielding calls about your listing or hosting an open house, you need to be prepared to answer potential buyers’ questions honestly and without defensiveness. Here are a few of the most common questions you might hear from buyers.

Why are you selling your house?

What did you pay for your house? How much do you owe on it?

How did you come up with your asking price?

What do you like best about the neighborhood (e.g., common amenities, friendly neighbors, convenient location)?

Is there anything you don’t like about the neighborhood (e.g., noisy neighbors, crime issues, traffic)?

What is this area’s school district? How does it rate?

How close is public transportation?

What down payment are you requesting?

What are the current interest rates (keep in mind these will vary depending on buyers’ credit)?

Are you offering owner financing?

What is the square footage of the house? Do you have a floor plan or room dimensions?

How big is the yard/lot?

How old is the house? What is the age of the roof, wiring, plumbing, and HVAC?

Are there any Home Owners Association fees? If so, how much are they and what do you get in return (e.g., clubhouse access, lawn maintenance)?

Are there any deed restrictions?

What is your average monthly electricity, water, and, if applicable, gas bill?

Have you had any problems with the house that have been resolved?

If you’re asked any questions you can’t answer off the top of your head, tell the buyer you will get back to him with the answer and request his contact information.