You May Need

Selling your home without a real estate agent or broker is possible and can save you thousands of dollars. You’ll want to make sure that you cover all of your bases, though, when it comes to legalities and financing. Who should be on your team of professionals? A list of recommended resources is below.

  • Title company.
    A title company handles the paperwork and research regarding the property’s deed, any liens, title insurance, and the closing. It also records the legal documents at the local county courthouse.

  • Home and pest inspectors.
    Home inspectors check the property for necessary repairs, from structural to major systems like plumbing and electrical. A pest inspector tests for termites and other damaging insects.

  • Real estate attorney.
    An attorney can be as involved as you would like, and whether you must retain an attorney may depend on your state and local laws. You can ask the attorney to review or prepare the purchase and sale agreement and negotiate the terms for you. He or she can also prepare the deed, handle any title issues, attend the closing and review the papers you sign, and arrange for any needed insurance certificates and transfer security deposits.

  • Escrow company.
    Escrow is the money in a real estate transaction that covers required insurance and taxes related to the property being sold, as well as closing costs owed to the lending institution involved. An escrow company holds and distributes these funds and related legal documents on behalf of the buyer and seller.

If you have any questions or would like recommendations, contact our office. We can also assist you with writing and negotiating contracts for an additional fee.